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Services - Upgrades

Upgrading machinery is a simple, less expensive, way to increase machine efficiency, longevity and most importantly, safety. AMJ offers a variety of machinery upgrades that will greatly improve the operation of a customers machinery, while keeping downtime and cost to a minimum. With many upgrades been performed in the past, AMJ has the ability to show hard figures supporting how certain machinery upgrades can save money for the producer over time.


  • • Clutch conversions - Increase the lifespan and efficiency and DECREASE the maintenance.

  • • Customized guard packages - Have our highly experienced technicians work with your company to customize guards to your needs.

  • • Electrical upgrades - Make your machinery safer and "smarter."


  • • Machine speedups & retrofits - Increase line speed without replacing current machinery.

  • • Automated Conversion packages - Convert your current machine and it‚s application to fully automatic.

  • • PLC conversions - Convert you PLC‚s to newer or more efficient technology.

  • • Central pneumatic lubrication systems - Utilize one of these lube systems to improve your production.